4cr Plays: Tappingo

by Antonio Garcia

Goodbye Galaxy Games is back with a new release, and it marks the first time we get one of the company’s games as a 3DS eshop-only download. As fans already know, their past hits such as Ace Mathematician, Flipper, Flipper 2 and Color Commando were released for the DSiware service.

This time around, Hugo Smiths presents to us a pixel-puzzle game where colors, numbers and touch-controls all come together to deliver a very fun digital package. At first, you might think this is similar to Picross, but as soon as you play the tutorial puzzle, you’ll realize it’s a completely different beast.

Tappingo 1

In Tappingo, you must tap pixels which have numbers on top. Each number is a hint as to how many pixels it should extend until it stops automatically when it hits another block. Following this convention, you must touch and drag each numbered pixel to complete a puzzle. The fact that the lines won’t stop means you must always be one step ahead of the game. You must plan each move so that you don’t end up making a mistake that requires you to retrace your steps to reduce the lines back to a single pixel block as you reassess the situation.

Tappingo 2

The first 40 puzzles or so can be completed in under a minute, but from there on, things get bigger and more complicated, with more colorful patterns, as well as longer lines that demand more of your attention. And just when you think you’ve completed a puzzle, you’ll often realize that you missed one pixel block and that it is not marked as OK because you mistakenly extended another block over the only spot the other line could take.

Tappingo 3

Tappingo is a great puzzle game that brings something new to the genre, and it’s a fun experience from start to finish. Since it contains over 100 puzzles, that means you’re looking at 5-8 hours of content depending on how good you are at puzzle games. The colorful pixel art, simple game mechanics and charming music arrangements make it a very fun ride.

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