Kickin’ it with Jimmy Palmiotti – Denver

by Antonio Garcia

Jimmy Palmiotti is no stranger to Kickstarter, and he’s back (along with the Paperfilms crew) to bring us a gritty story in graphic novel format.

4cr: Welcome Jimmy! Glad to have you back for a new Kickin it with after talking with you about Forager. This time around you’re bringing a new Kickstarter project to life with Denver, a 72 page graphic novel for Mature readers. What is the story behind Denver?

Denver is our Sixth Kickstarter graphic novel to date.

The story takes place in the near future where earth is covered with water and there is only one major city left above water where the surviving Americans live, located in the city of Denver, and that’s our focus for the book. Our story revolves around boarder patrol officer Max Flynn and his two co-workers and has everything to do with the job he does. Max has a loved one kidnapped from him and in order to keep her safe, is forced to turn the other way while criminal activity happens around him. It’s a classic story in a lot of respects, but we mess with a lot as it goes on, and have fun with the world-building backdrop.

4cr: Every creator-owned project you’ve done on Kickstarter has a different feel and a distinct look thanks to the artists you’ve worked with. This time around, Pier Brito is handling the art for the book, and I was wondering why you had decided he was the right person for Denver.

The key to any graphic novel is the synchronicity between the writer and artist and for Denver, we sat on the story till we found just the right person to take on the project. We got really lucky when we met Pier at the New York Comic Con, especially given the fact that the place was packed and we could have easily never met. His work stood out for us for a number of reasons. On first look, we see an amount of detail that is not easy to find in others work and his sense of design blends old and new world tech together beautifully. Most important to us though, is the storytelling and the ability to handle some intense emotional scenes. His characters feel real, their postures tell a story words cannot and the acting on the page is just beautiful. Like I said, we got lucky.

Denver 2

4cr: The campaign is already funded, which opens the door for stretch goals. What have you planned for these goals?

We list the stretch goals on the front page of the Kickstarter and among them, one has already been hit, which is everyone getting the digital script. After that we have a random art stretch goal, a sketch book for the main book added if we hit the next one and then an Amanda Conner print if we go further. We will be adding some more as we go along.

Denver Soundtrack

4cr: Something that sets this campaign apart from your previous projects is the official soundtrack to the Denver graphic novel. Who is working on the soundtrack, and how did you come up with this crazy idea?

That was something I always have in mind when I write since I am a music lover. I always listen to soundtracks by composers, so the idea popped into my head to maybe get a score done for the book itself. I had met composer Hans Karl at the Long Beach Comic Con and we talked about the idea. Hans said he was interested and we started talking favorite composers and mood. We sent him the script and the art and he went to work .We have been receiving these beautiful haunting and moving tracks every week and they are amazing. We always like to experiment and thought this was a cool addition to the Kickstarter that would make it stand out. I am really excited about this aspect of the project.

4cr: So it’s only a digital reward and there will be no physical CD?

There is really no need for one these days. Hans will eventually have one made, but digital delivers is basically how most people get the music, and I wanted to keep costs down for shipping and production, and digital delivery is best for that. We put the money into the production that you hear.

Denver 1

4cr: Do any of the reward tiers include some of the original art for the project? I’m sure that would help get a lot of extra funds for the book.

It does, we have a random tier where we are getting pieces from pier and we are just gonna put them in random peoples packages. It’s a fun idea a fan of the Kickstarter came up with and Pier is drawing a bunch as we speak.

Denver 3

4cr: Thanks for your time. Do you want to say anything else before we go?

Just visit the page, listen to the music and video and understand that for as little as $5 you can get a copy of the book in digital format. Also, if anyone is looking for our past Kickstarters, visit the store at PAPERFILMS.COM and we can help you out. You can get your books directly from us, which I think is cool.

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