Things X 5 – February 24, 2014

by Francois Joron


Each and every 3DS design


We only got an handful of them, but Japan seems to be getting new 3DS design every two months or so and The Official Nintendo Magazine have compiled every one of them. My favorite? There’s too many. But one of them has to be that fancy orange and black 3DS XL that was released a few months ago in Japan. If this one was to be released over here, I would ditch my original Cosmo Black 3DS instantly, low pixel density or not.


Apparently, DSiWare still exists.


The DSiWare service, Nintendo’s first and clunky digital platform for its DSi handhelds, is still active apparently. This past week, in Japan, Heading Out Octopus was released. It is billed as a “going out and collecting” game, if that genre exists. You’re basically an octopus who goes out and collects stuff for his house. Siliconera has the full rundown on the game. It looks like it is clearly aimed at kids but it’s still about an octopus collecting stuff AND it’s on DSiWare so that’s something.


I just love patent applications.


To this day, one of my favorite x5 feature is the one with my fake PS4 designs. The header featured some silly illustrations taken from various patent applications from Sony. I love those things. And Nintendo, renowned for glorifying plastic shells and whatnot, have their fair share of weird patents. Nintendo Life have compiled a few of them and I cannot thank them enough, especially for that creepy looking half-man, half-infant riding a virtual horse.


Hohokum simply looks amazing

I’m still not entirely sure how Hohokum is played but I don’t care because its style completely won me over the instant it was announced. The fun fair level was recently revealed on the official PlayStation blog and from the looks of it, it is definitely a place I would love to hang out.

04_Hohokum1 04_Hohokum2


Witch & Hero hooked me

I’m still not sure if Witch & Hero is a good video game or not, but its been my pick up and play game of choice these past 2 weeks. I first noticed the eShop download when its publisher, Circle Entertainment, released a trailer. The game certainly caught my attention as it was featured on in a x5 post, but a wave of other games as well as the game’s poor reception made me looked past it until recently when I played the demo and checked a review by . I don’t know why, but since then I’ve been playing the hell out of Witch & Hero whenever I have 5 minutes or so of free time. Killing waves of baddies and protecting the witch is quite addictive and actually reminded me a bit of WiiWare’s Defend Your Castle but with a bit more depth thanks to experience points and magic spells that can be triggered by the witch.


Oh, and with its pixelated graphics and retro music, the game is certainly charming. Witch & Hero was on sale when I bought it, but it is worth its $3.99 asking price whether it is considered a good video game or not.

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