If Famicom Dojo Were a Video Game…

by Sean Corse

It’s laced with in-jokes — mostly coming from the podcast side of things rather than the video series — and reduced to that 8-bit Sierra/LucasArts ’80s style we loved so much (complete with faux-scan lines!), but the very talented Louis Lloyd-Judson has given Vinnk and me what we’ve always wanted and turned us into a video game.

And it makes me think, would something like this be a good idea? Would anyone play it? I sure played the heck out of this when he sent it our way. And now you can too!


(We’re told that this should also work on the GamePad d-pad if you load it up in the Wii U web browser — which, if true… ERMAHGERD!)

Louis had previously turned us into artistic renderings last August on Twitter with this picture, which we also love to death.

You can check out more of Louis’ non-Dojo artwork on Twitter @Louistrations¬†and his website.

And, of course, more of Famicom Dojo on YouTube, Twitter, and the podcast (iTunes | Feed), and right here on 4cr!

Would you play a Famicom Dojo-themed game? How about an indie title that pays homage to the 8-bit and 16-bit era of gaming? Or something that we wished NES Remix had actually been, even though volume 2 looks a whole lot better? Leave your comments below!

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