4cr Plays- Percy’s Predicament

by Antonio Garcia

Percy’s Predicament is an eshop release that features gameplay similar to the Super Monkey Ball series or Marble Madness, but instead of moving the playing field to get to the end like in Super Monkey Ball, you move the actual sphere as in Marble Madness. The game definitely isn’t a looker, so lets get that out of the way before diving into the review.

The game features Percy, a penguin who has been trapped inside of a sphere, and who must collect all the fish in every level before getting to the exit. Slow and steady wins the race, but if you are too slow you might run out of time and have to start all over again. The levels are short and to the point, and they gradually introduce new elements and hazards to keep things interesting.

Percy 1

As is the case with most eshop releases, you can play Percy either on the TV or on the Wii U GamePad, and controls are easy to learn since you just need to focus on rolling Percy, jumping or using one of the power-ups that are conveniently placed in some of the levels. These power-ups come in the form of things like speed boosts or high-jumps and they are easy to use at the press of a button.

Percy 2

The game does do something interesting in that it features 80 levels to play as soon as you buy the game, and you can get extra levels as free DLC packs that are due to be released soon. On top of that, the first DLC pack will include an update to the controls with some refinements to response times and camera controls, as well as including gyroscope controls so that you can control Percy by tilting his sphere.

Percy 3

Percy’s Predicament is a fun budget release that those that miss Super Monkey Ball will like (and it will be a nice game to play while they wait for a new release in the series). Given the approach to DLC, it’s likely that the game will continue to improve as time goes on, and more free level packs on top of the main game is always great news. If you can get past the visuals and give the game a chance, you’ll be in for hours of tricky, mischievous level design that won’t hesitate to throw hazards along your path to each goal.


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