Why I Got a Wii Mini (and So Can You!)

by Sean Corse

It’s honestly a very attractive, quite solid piece of hardware. I did find out after making this video that it’s ever so slightly bigger then an AV Famicom, which makes it only the second-smallest TV console that Nintendo has made — both are still bigger than the PC Engine. Despite the lack of component output and online capabilities, the console still outputs a gorgeous signal in 480i widescreen. Yes, it has widescreen! I was kind of relieved.

Even though mine is now nothing more than a glorified paperweight, I will display it proudly in my collection from here on. No, it doesn’t make any sense that it exists when they’re trying to sell the Wii U, and it has every single capability that the Wii Mini does (plus online, plus output through HDMI, plus off-TV play on the GamePad — with Wii controls only, of course), but I was able to get a color of remote/nunchuck that I couldn’t have otherwise, plus a game I hadn’t managed to pick up in the last seven years.

Would you get a Wii Mini? Have you already bought one? Are you Canadian, and jealous that the US got a game pack-in to increase the value? Leave your comment below!

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