Nintendo Direct Live Reactions!

by Dave Beaudoin

We’ve got another Nintendo Direct today and this one could prove to be pretty interesting! It’s scheduled to be a pretty long session too. In fact, it’s rumored to be the longest since the E3 presentation last year. Sakurai posted an interesting teaser image to the miiverse yesterday that hints at more info about Super Smash Bros. but what else do they have in store?

The Stream is over here, we’ll be commenting below!

Dave Beaudoin Feb 13, 201417:50

Thanks for joining us everyone! If you have any comments on the Direct make sure you leave them below!

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:46

On the plus side, 3DS continues to be amazing.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:46

I think X is a 2015 game at this point. I’d imagine Bayonetta is a late summer at earliest.

Wii U isn’t going to dig itself out this spring.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:45

It was a “spring 2014″ Nintendo Direct. We weren’t getting release dates for either of those.

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé Feb 13, 201417:42

Still no dates for X nor Bayonetta 2…

Brooks Walch Feb 13, 201417:42


Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:42

That’s it? Nintendo is really struggling showcasing new Wii U softwares.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:41

“Bayonetta 2 is the second game about Bayonetta”

Thanks, Iwata. I never would have guessed.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:39

Certainly looks visually impressive.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:39

Looks balls-out nuts. I approve.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:38

Ah, yeah. Bayonetta 2.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:38

Only real complaint is that there is an insane amount of HUD on screen. Use the gamepad for that!

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé Feb 13, 201417:37

This game will justify my Wii U ownership by itself. It looks even better than Xenoblade.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:37

I sure dig those robots!

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:36

Graphics look fantastic. Love the mechs.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:36

Battle system looks like Xenoblade. No complaints from me there.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:35

X battles will be full of random banters!

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:35

Ooh, new info on X.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:33

Mario Kart looks like a ton of fun.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:32

Surprised. :)

Still wish these were on 3DS and not Wii U, but meh.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:32

GBA VC titles for Wii U… in Spring

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé Feb 13, 201417:31

Oh my…! Buying NES Remix 2! Skipped the first one because it was full of NES games I didn’t even like back in the days, but this volume is full of games I loved.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:30

These NES Remix games must be really easy to make.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:30

Almost. NES Remix 2

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:30

I’m calling NES Remix DLC

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:30

Nice music in the Donkey Kong trailer.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:29

2017? You’re optimistic!

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:28

Japanese stream talking about GBA games on Wii U VC. Nice lineup coming to Japan.

Expect them in the US in 2017.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:28

Can I say Metroid? Because it’ll never happen.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:28

So I guess it’s Wii U turn now…

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:27

Child of Light looks great. Impressed.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:26

Both 3DS and Wii U eShops will have great indie titles in the coming months.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:26

Lots of great indie love.

Dave Beaudoin Feb 13, 201417:26

Yeah! Remember when we interviewed Yacht Club Games?

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé Feb 13, 201417:26

Really glad I own a 3DS… Now Nintendo, convince me my Wii U was a good investment too. :/

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:25

Pretty solid presentation for the 3DS so far. Glad they’re showcasing indie developers.

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé Feb 13, 201417:24

Inazuma Eleven is already available? Wow. Pretty good surprise!

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:24


Today? But I still need to play Bravely Default.

Dave Beaudoin Feb 13, 201417:24

Soccer games just make me miss Sega Soccer Slam. :(

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:23

Level 5 is really delivering the goods. Nintendo? Boring. Level 5? Winning.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:23

Inazuma 11? Yes!

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé Feb 13, 201417:22

Ooooh! I want that forging game. I’m so glad the “Guild” series made it over here.

Dave Beaudoin Feb 13, 201417:22

It’s like Man At Arms: The Game!

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:22

Oh, sweet. I’ve wanted to play the Weapon Shop game!

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:21

I want to understand the love for Monster Hunter, but those games still baffle me.

Brooks Walch Feb 13, 201417:21

still waiting to get excited…

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé Feb 13, 201417:20

I’m getting really antsy for Wii U announcements… Anything…

Dave Beaudoin Feb 13, 201417:20

I kind of wish that was a Professor Layton extreme sports game. Hang gliding, fencing, maybe add in some cyclocross.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:19

Layton music. So good.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:18

Well, at least we are finally getting Layton 6. Only months after Europe. -_-

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:17

Apparently, the Japanese stream has a new Phoenix Wright game? I’m clearly watching the wrong stream!

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:16

Weird. I’m conflicted. On one hand – I kind of hate IAPs, on the other – it’s interesting how Nintendo is playing with the format.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:16

Interesting take on F2P with Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. I like the virtual deal part.

Dave Beaudoin Feb 13, 201417:16

I think you mean “good feeling$”

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:14

I’m getting uncomfortable with Iwata telling me about good feelings.

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé Feb 13, 201417:14

Oh, is it that weird 3DS F2P game where you can negotiate the IAP prices with the seller…?

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:13

Good feeling of baseball.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:13

That weird baseball game for the 3DS is releasing stateside!

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:12

Launching today? Will give it a try.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:12

Ah, here we go. F2P version with limited sub types and single player missions, but full multiplayer.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:11

Looks kind of interesting. Tactical FPS play. I’m intrigued.

Graphics are ugly, but eh.

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé Feb 13, 201417:11

Streaming already crapped out on my side… Happy to learn I’m not missing anything interesting right now!

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:11

I thought the Steel Diver sequel was for Wii U? That was the F2P one?

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:10

Steel Diver?

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:08

Yep. I have an irrational dislike of gyro controls.

Francois Joron Feb 13, 201417:08

Me too… and there’s gyro controls too.

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé Feb 13, 201417:08

Yoshi’s New Island looks a tiny bit more interesting every time new footage is shown. Still not sure if it’ll be worth playing however… :/

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:07

Still not feeling Yoshi. 2D or NO D.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:07

The Japanese stream had Persona Q, which is way more interesting than Mario Golf.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:05

Looks like some of the other rebels are caught in work meetings. You might just be stuck with my live reactions.

Please understand. *bows*

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:03

Yawn. Mario Golf has’t been interesting since Game Boy Color

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:02

Man, I want a game with graphics that look like that animated intro.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:01

Punch Out? Interesting.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201417:00

Iwata will deliver Direct directly to us.

Dave Beaudoin Feb 13, 201416:57

For me it’s all about Smash Bros. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’re going to do to differentiate between the 3DS and WiiU versions of the game.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201416:54

I’m really not expecting much in terms of announcements, but hoping for some Phoenix Wright vs Layton news, anything at all to do with Virtual Console (poor, neglected Virtual Console), and a Dragon Quest 7 3DS localization announcement.

My actual expectations are just another Mario Kart and Donkey Kong trailer.

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201416:47

What are you guys hoping to see out of today’s Direct?

Gregory Gay Feb 13, 201416:44


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