4cr Plays – Castle Clout 3D

by Antonio Garcia

No, before you even think about it: Castle Clout does NOT copy Angry Birds. It’s actually the other way around because Castle Clout has been around the block a few times already since it’s release in 2008. Now, let’s talk about Castle Clout 3D.

The game is a physics based puzzle game that places you in a medieval setting, granting access to a trebuchet and a ballista (but not at the same time) to destroy your enemies in over 150 levels. It features a very nice graphical update compared to the original release (or its distant iOS cousin). On top of this, the 3D effect in the 3DS helps to make the background “pop” to add a little extra to the presentation.

As you play you’re slowly taken through what seems like a long tutorial during the first campaign in order to get acquainted with the controls, the distinctive physics of each weapon, and the reaction of each piece of ammo that can be used. Ammo ranges from stones, and explosive barrels, to a wide variety of deadly arrows that can pierce through an enemy soldier like a hot knife through butter.

Castle Clout 3D 1

Each level challenges you to complete it with the minimum number of shots, and it will reward you with a Gold, Silver or Bronze trophy depending on how many shots you use to clear all enemies.

As soon as you get used to targeting and defeating enemies, a new element is introduced: captured people! If you so much as graze one of them, the level is over and you will have to restart. This puts another challenge on top of the regular “use X number of shots” requirement for trophies, and I found myself restarting a couple of levels several times until I could land the final shot just right for it to bounce OVER one of the helpless prisoners.

Castle Clout 3D

Beating levels and earning trophies nets you coins that can be used to purchase pieces for building a custom castle that can be used during Castle Cloud 3D’s multiplayer mode (which is local-only and is a “hot seat” type of multiplayer game in which players take turns).

Castle Clout 3D 2

Castle Cloud 3D is a great physics-based game that keeps you hooked for several hours by introducing new castle structures, new types of ammo and new mechanics as you go, always making you play “just one more level” to the very end. The amount of content, the price and the gameplay make this a very compelling release.


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