Kickin’ it with Varia Games – ReVeN

by Antonio Garcia

Welcome to a new Kickin’ it with! This time around we talked with Varia Games about ReVeN, an homage to Metroid that ads something new to the formula.

4cr: Welcome, and thank you for joining us for today’s Kickin’ it With. Can you let our readers know a bit about yourself?

Austin: Hi I am Austin Morgan, Lead Programmer, Visual FX, Lead Story Writer and Environment Artist.

John: I am John Rogeles, Lead Character/Creature Artist, Animator , UI/HUD designer, and Web Developer

I am Mark McLemore Composer and Sound Engineer for ReVeN.

4cr: ReVeN is having a great Kickstarter campaign, and it already got to its main goal. What do we need to know about the game?

ReVeN is an ambitious project with lots to offer in terms of innovative game play mechanics and Content. We’re working hard to push the envelope as much as possible in every aspect. Although, we are just 2 guys handling development right now, and we would really like to hit our stretch goals so we can expand the team and make this game as expansive and polished as it can be.

4cr: You’ve mentioned that it takes some inspiration from Metroid and Mega Man. The Metroid influence is very apparent (the company is called Varia Games). What sets ReVeN apart from Nintendo’s franchise?

The game is heavily inspired by RPG elements drawn from action games such as Deus Ex and Crysis. Deus Ex because the player can upgrade their weapon stats and player abilities strengths, and Crysis because the player can increase the overall power in one category of abilities while lowering the power in another. Kind of like the whole maximum strength vs maximum armor sort of gameplay.

There is a lot of things that set our game apart from the Metroid series. The story, the universe, the level editor/mission creator, the game mechanics, the brutality of the game’s atmosphere. We aren’t going to hold much back in terms of how dark and disturbing ReVeN gets as you progress.

ReVeN Upgrades

4r: Why is the game set for release way out in February 2016?

At the $18,000 goal, the game will be made. However, we will all need to secure part-time jobs in order to support ourselves until we can fully finish the game. We calculated that it will take us up to two years total to complete the game this way. Sadly we really aren’t in a position where we could allow this Kickstarter to fail, which is why we went with a smaller initial goal in the first play. However, if we end up reaching $37,000-40,000 in pledges, that will grant us a full-year worth of Dev time to focus on the game. With that in mind, we are shooting for a 2015-2016 release window, so here’s hoping!

ReVeN Concept

4cr: ReVeN will be released on Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux, but there is a separate stretch goal at $100,000 for a full featured port on Wii U that maximizes the possibilities presented by the Wii U GamePad. Why was this decision made, and how did you end up at asking for $100,000 for that?

We can port the game to the Wii U easily using the Construct2 engine, but to fully utilize the Wii U Gamepad we will need another developer to join the team. Programmers aren’t cheap. There salaries can run at $70,000 a year depending on location. Naturally, we have talked to a few programming buddies of ours and negotiated payments. Lets also not forget whats below the 100,000 stretch goal. Other stretch goals that would add more content to the game which will require more funds.

ReVeN Bats

4cr: Have you thought having a Paypal page where people can back the project and receive the same rewards as those available on KS considering that there are a lot of people without access to a Credit Card?

We have actually been working on adding a paypal system. It is nearly complete and ready for use. It will be available on our websites “store” page in a few days or less. Please bookmark our site since Paypal should be available soon. :)

ReVeN Gear

4cr: Our time here is just about up. Do you want to add anything else?

ReVeN has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay, story, and content creation. A robust new mechanic for the sidescroller genre. A diverse Mission Creator for those who love making their own levels and sharing it with others. A possible Multiplayer and Co-op expansion that could be added on after the game is complete if our Kickstarters stretch goals are met! A single player with a deep story that will blow people’s minds. They will not see what’s coming as the game unfolds.

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