Kickin’ it with Andrew Gregoire – I am ARG!

by Antonio Garcia

I think most of us can relate to the story of a boy and a girl who are united by fate due to their geek love of everything that is awesome. Such is the tale in the comic “I Am ARG!” and we got a hold of Andrew Gregoire to tell us all about it.

4cr: Hello Andrew, and thanks for joining us on today’s Kickin it with. Can you fill us in on who you are and what you do?

I’m Andrew Gregoire. I’m a Toronto based character animator and illustrator. I draw a nerd humor comic called “I am ARG!”

4cr: You’ve created a Kickstarter campaign for the second Volume of ARG!, a webcomic that you’ve created and for which you want to print a physical copy. What is “ARG!”?

ARG! is a semi-autobiographical nerd humor comic about a geeky couple coming to terms with their impending adulthood. It stars ARG and Lynn, a husband and wife couple based loosely on myself and my wife. It runs the gamut from video games and Dungeons and Dragons to relationships and marriage. It’s written and drawn by myself. It’s been running 3 days a week since 2011 and is read by tens of thousands daily. It can be viewed entirely for free online at


4cr: Why did you decide to do a Kickstarter for Volume II instead of using indiegogo as you did for your first book?

I wanted to go through kickstarter for the first book but at the time Kickstarter wasn’t open to Canadians. This time I chose kickstarter because it has a wider user base and better options and tracking for creators. Kickstarter also seems to have an air of consumer confidence about it opposed to the other crowd funding sites.

ARG Goodies

4cr: The main goal has already been reached, and the campaign still has several days ahead before time runs out. Have you considered any stretch goals to keep the numbers moving higher and higher?

I have. There’s a number of goals set up that’ll bring more content to the book and add cool extras to those that grab a copy during the kickstarter. If we can double the original goal, 50 extra comics will be going into it making it an even bigger book. I’ll also be revisiting favorite moments from the comics history and adding buttons and stickers and more artwork to the package. If it goes even further than that, I’ll be printing up short comics I’ve done over the years and including an Art book, both of which is for everybody that pledges for a copy of Volume 2. My main thinking about stretch goals is making them apply to everybody who helps out; to sweeten their package and give back a little more for their support in helping me make the best book I can.


4cr: Thanks for doing this this interview. Care to add anything else?

Sure. You can read the comic for free at and if you’d like to help a creator, you can grab a copy of volume 2 or even grab a copy of volume 1 through the kickstarter campaign.

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