Kickin’ it With Joe Mulvey – SCAM

by Antonio Garcia

What would you do if you had Superpowers? Some people might use them for the greater good, some people might become the worst villains our world has ever seen. And some people, they just go to Vegas.

4cr: Welcome, Joe! Thanks for joining us for today’s Kickin’ it with. Care to give our readers a bit of an intro to who you are and what you do?

I’m Joe Mulvey, a comic book creator from Queens, NY. I wrote and draw my book SCAM from ComixTribe.

4cr: I found SCAM on Kickstarter and was grabbed by the main premise for this graphic novel: people with superpowers + Las Vegas. Time for you to take us deeper down the rabbit hole!

SCAM is pretty much Oceans 11 meets the X-Men. I know that if I had special abilities I wouldn’t put on tights and try to save the world but I would go to Vegas and try to have some fun and make some money. From that idea SCAM was born.


4cr: The campaign has been doing great and is already partially funded. Something I noticed is that you’re rewarding backers as you reach specific milestones towards the main goal. Can you elaborate on that?

I’m running the campaign along with my publisher Comixtribe. We just want to make sure there are some fun moments everyone either involved with the campaign or even thinking about getting involved can enjoy. So giving some free content to backers at certain milestones is just part of the fun of our campaign. We want everyone backing I to enjoy the ride and know we appreciate them.

SCAM gif

4cr: As a follow-up, are you considering MORE extras if the campaign exceeds its minimum goal?

Definitely. Once we get funded is when some of the real fun is going to start. We have this Kickstarter planned with tons of extra incentives and goodies. We’re going to try and make it easy for you to go all in on the SCAM ultimate collection.

4cr: What’s the SCAMthology?

SCAMthology is an anthology series featuring characters from throughout the SCAM universe told by a crew of established and up and coming creators. Over 100+ pages of amazing super powered Con-men content.


4cr: Is there a way for people to “try before making a pledge” for the campaign?

Sure! SCAM is on Comixology and we do have a free downloadable story from SCAMthology available on our face book page.

SCAM Miniseries

4cr: Thanks for doing this interview. Would you like to add anything else?

Just that I appreciate everyone who’s backed so far as well as helped spread the word. Comixtribe and I have set out to make a unique product and we’ve definitely done that so now we want to just let everyone know about it and have fun running his campaign.

Thanks for the interview, and I hope that your readers go check out SCAM the ULTIMATE COLLECTION on Kickstarter right now.

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