Things X 5 – February 3, 2014

by Francois Joron

It’s been recently revealed that Tomodachi Collection, Nintendo’s odd life sim for the 3DS, might very well be released in the West. Since its original release on the DS, I have been wanting to play this game more than anything else and it would have topped my most anticipated games of 2014 if I hadn’t given up on seeing the cart released overseas.

But why all the hype? Here’s 5 reasons:

It’s all about your Miis


In Tomodachi Collection, you’re overseeing the lives of Miis you have selected yourself from your own collection. So, you can have Iwata interacting with that weird Mii you’ve made one night or with an approximation of Batman. It’s all about them, their romance, what you will let them eat; what advice you gave them and how you helped them. They can get married, have babies; well, have a life. You’re finally giving those Miis a purpose to their (until then) meaningless existence of bowling and partying!

It’s just plain weird with a touch of Japanese silliness. 

Miis playing Wii U? Check. Feeding them grilled meat? Check. Seeing them desperate in front of their love interest? Check. Giving them a bath? Check. Applauding a proposal with a tap of your stylus on the touch screen? Check. And, whatever is going on here, here or here. Tomodachi Collection seems to be perfectly weird, charming and unique.

 There’s a RPG with your pixelated Mii characters!

And you’re fighting curry dishes and standard-definition television sets!

It was produced by Yoshio Sakamoto

Yoshio Sakamoto

He’s the talented designer, director and producer responsible for some of the oddest and best Nintendo handheld titles ever published like WarioWare, Rhythm Tengoku,  and Metroid Fusion, among a slew of other popular or simply weird Nintendo titles. He’s also the guy who made the divisive Metroid: Other M which infuriated gamers while being a very unique, if flawed take on the venerable franchise. According to the near 2 millions copies of Tomodachi Collection that sold in Japan so far for the 3DS, it seems he was the perfect candidate.

Iwata wore a shrimp hat to promote it


This image speaks for itself.

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