Kickin’ it with James and Joar – Rain World

by Antonio Garcia

It’s time once again to shine the spotlight on a new indie game! Rain World is an interesting project on Kickstarter that features a unique type of protagonist: a special critter that brings something new to the table.

4cr: Hello! Can you get us started by introducing yourself to our readers?

Hi 4cr! This is James and Joar, and we’re the developers of a new game called Rain World. Joar is the designer, artist and programmer, he’s been working on this project for almost 3 years now. And James is doing the music, sound and all the pesky business stuff like setting up kickstarter campaigns.

4cr: The Kickstarter campaign for Rain World was funded in just a few days after going live. What do we need to know about the project and how are Kickstarter funds going to be allocated?

Yes! Wow, we have been overwhelmed by the support on Kickstarter. It’s been far beyond all expectations and we are so excited to see that people are intrigued by Rain World and want to help us build it. Rain World is a sort of survival platformer, where you play as a lonely little slug-cat trying to survive in a crazy harsh environment of deadly rains and viscous, intelligent predators. Initially planned for PC and Mac, the funds at this point are mostly going to be towards full realization of the concept we have in place; so development expenses and making sure Rain World is super well executed and looks great, plus hiring of programmers to do things that we’re not so great at like C++ integration and screen optimization, that sort of thing.

Rain World 1

4cr: You’re currently developing Rain World for PC and Mac only. Is there a chance that you might develop this for portables (3DS, VITA) or consoles (Wii U, PS4, XBO) as well?

There have been a lot of questions about ports, especially Linux, PSVita and iOS. Short answer is: we would totally love to. But ports are expensive and tricky to do well, so we would need to make sure that all the resources are in place and be confident that it would come out true to our concept for Rain World. I guess the easiest way to put it is that we are definitely exploring our options in that regard, and if we have the budget for it, we want to make it all happen.

Rain World Figth

4cr: How far along is the game right now considering that you’re setting a target release for December 2014?

Right now we have a pretty solid, totally playable alpha build in place right now: art assets, levels, a playable world, music, sfx, even up to 4 player multiplayer implementation. But, at this point it is basically just a strong skeleton that we can build up from. We need to expand upon essential things like single player campaign, creating a more varied and deep ecosystem, adding more creatures and friends and enemies and that sort of thing, plus adding all the niceties of modern gaming like screen optimization and game menus and things like that which add so much to the player experience. So I think were in a really good position and can be confident in what we are presenting. Rain World isn’t just some nice sketches and a trailer!

Rain World Rewards

4cr: Any crazy rewards planned for tiers over the current $200 limit? People seem to want to give you more money than you’re letting them!

Ahh! It’s so crazy! You are totally right though. People have been amazing and we want to make sure that they are getting great value in return, so we are working hard to figure out some cool things that we think people will love. People have especially been excited about the slugcat plushie (heck, I’m excited about that too), so we may have some cool announcements for similar tangible things soon!

Rain World Platforming

4cr: Thanks once again for taking the time to talk with us!

Thank you for chatting with us! We will definitely keep you guys in the loop about what’s going on with Rain World.

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