Stuff Vinnk Sent Me: Family Trainer Series

by Sean Corse

Way back in 2011 at Tokyo Game Show, Vinnk and I diligently patrolled the Akihabara shops in search of video game treasure. We found a boxed(!) Family Trainer, and most of the games. We didn’t get all those games at the time, but wished we had. In the two years since, we have been slowly collecting the missing pieces with the occasionally very pricey cartridges. At last, the collection is complete.

Without instruction manuals, watch me try to figure out what the heck the controls might be for Takeshi’s Castle, Takeshi’s Castle 2, and Baby Kyonshi.

Want to know more about the Family Trainer and its games? Happen to have some scans of the manuals, or know the pad controls for these games? Leave a comment below!

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