4cr Plays – Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot

by Antonio Garcia

If all games were as honest as Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot, everything would be better. As you can imagine, this release features Cubit, a Robot that is all about Platforming, and doing it in the most hardcore way possible. You start on an intro level that lets you learn the timing for jumps, as well as learning how to judge the distance between platforms, and you are then thrown into the main event: hardcore platforming.

Levels are synchronized to the music, and you must pay attention to the rhythm to learn when to jump and when to stay on the ground, even if for only a few seconds. To make things easier on you, Cubit only has one action for you to control: his jump! This can be activated by pressing any direction on the D-Pad, or by hitting X, Y, B or A. On top of that, you can press any of these buttons a second time to perform a second jump that can either take you away from danger or send you flying into a bottomless pit, an enemy, or a hard surface that will stop you from running and will send you down into your doom.

Cubit 1

At the end of each section, you will find a break in the path, and you must quickly select where to go next because the game won’t save until you’ve reached the marker for the next level, and nothing hurts more than missing that final jump before making the grade. You may curse when you don’t make it, but you will feel rewarded when you hit the marker and start a new section.

The bottom route is always the easier options of the two, and if you select the bottom option and you will be able to finish the game with ease. It only took me 115 deaths over the course of about 40 minutes, so it isn’t really an easy trip! On my second run I aimed for the middle end level and I only died 140 times and finished in 58 minutes, so there is some variance in the difficulty across the levels.

Cubit Unlock

Once you finish one of the routes you will unlock two new things: a hardcore mode, and an extra playable character. The extra playable characters come from other indie releases (such as Nec from Chronos Twins and Danny from the recently released UnEpic, to name a few), and they all perform the same jump action as Cubit but do provide a nice bonus to change things around a bit since they feature their running/rolling/moving animations from their respective games.

As for hardcore mode? This one gets rid of the infinite lives feature and gives you only 5 lives to finish the game from start to finish. If it sounds like something you’d love to try, then go ahead and prove your skills! But if you REALLY want to drive the point home, be sure to grab the “impossible objects” that can be found during each Hardcore level because they require precise jumping to certain death only to escape at the last second.

As an extra, there are 24 in-game challenges for you to complete like reaching level markers, finishing routes, unlocking a specific bonus character, and jumping a certain number of times in a level. These challenges are available in both game modes.

Cubit 2

Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot is trial and error at its finest. You’ll die dozens of times before you find the perfect rhythm for finishing a level, and you will keep coming back for more and more until you’ve finished every single section. For being the work of a single person, Cubit is a nice budget release with enough content to justify its low price.

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