Kickin’ it with Crazy Cricket – The Tapping Dead 2

by Antonio Garcia

Zombies are everywhere, and one tried and true way to survive is to tap, tap, tap your way to safety. I talked with Cesar Briones about the Kickstarter project for his sequel to The Tapping Dead.

4cr: Hello and thank you for joining us today. Can you please tell our readers about yourself and Crazy Cricket?

Thanks for the opportunity of being here, Crazy Cricket its a 2 man team, myself and Rolf, we left Mexico to start a Game Studio in the USA. We opened the doors on March 2013, but we have several years working remotely together (we used to live in different cities), on games or freelance projects.

4cr: Crazy Cricket has launched a Kickstarter to secure the funds needed to complete The Tapping Dead 2. What is this game about?

The Tapping Dead 2 is a one-touch mobile action platformer. It follows the action that took place in the original game where Alice, Bill, Andre, Mark and Darren tried to survive a zombie apocalypse by tapping the hell out of the city.

Our heroes managed to gather supplies and flee the city. But something went terribly wrong and they ended in the middle of the woods. Darren is the most experienced in this environment, but he’s missing, the supplies are spread thin and death is just around the corner… or the next tree.

Alice and Bill must reunite the group, It just so happens that we have been reading a lot of “A Song of Ice and Fire” (Game of Thrones) and you know what that means to main characters and to the story itself.

Level Editor

4cr: How is The Tapping Dead 2 going to be different from the first one?

We introduced new mechanics that extend the base of the original title, without changing the essence of it.

We are also looking to make the players actively more socialy engaged with the Level Editor, this was a feature that we talked about since the first game, but it wasn’t until this sequel that we could integrate it in a nice and logical way. Everyone will love it, and hopefully the game will get tons of playable levels generated by the community.

Classic Mode

4cr: Are you keeping this as an iOS and Android release, or have you looked into bringing this to consoles and/or portables? The Wii U, 3DS and Vita would be a great fit for this project.

At the moment, we feel we need to focus our efforts on delivering the best possible experience on mobile, and depending on the performance think of porting it to other platforms, thanks!

Panic Mode

4cr: How much work has already been done for The Tapping Dead 2?

We have the main engine from The Tapping Dead 1, but of course we are making some big adjustments to it to deliver the new game mechanics, at this point we have around 50% of the sequel complete with the Level Editor being the thing that is going to take the most effort because we want to get this Social tool as polished and great as possible so anyone can enjoy making levels!

Summon Mode

4cr: Once again, thank you for your time. Want to add anything more?

Thanks for this interview, we appreciate it a lot! And we hope we can get some pledges from the gamer community to launch this sequel. Thanks again!

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