Kickin’ it with with Mike Kunkel – Squiggle Project

by Antonio Garcia

All great images start with a single line from the hand of the artist, this is something that Mike Kunkel is taking to heart with his new art book Kickstarter project.

4cr: Welcome to Kickin’ it With! Time to introduce yourself to our audience.

Hi. My name is Mike Kunkel and I’ve been a cartoonist for almost 25 years. I’ve been honored and blessed to work on a number of Animated projects in TV and Film for studios like Nickelodeon and Disney. From animating on “Tarzan” and “Hercules” to designing Swampy in “Where’s my Water”, I’ve animated, designed characters and storyboarded and directed. Also, I’ve written and illustrated award-winning comic books and children’s books for all ages audiences. This now is a brand new kind of project that I’m really very excited to share with everyone.

4cr: That looks cool! What is “The Squiggle Project?” 

The Squiggle Project is an art project I’ve done for a while now. It started as a fun game i’d play with my kids and their friends I’d let them draw a random squiggle of a line and then I’d create a piece of artwork based on that squiggle. The fun of this was making artwork with people and encouraging everyone to be creative. It helped them to find a new way to be creative in even the simplest of lines. And that inspired me so much that I then began creating my own squiggles and creating new Squiggle artwork . . . and THAT has become the Squiggle Project. NOW, this Kickstarter Project is a NEW BOOK that collects all of my squiggles and squiggle artwork into a book that displays them in a very unique way . . .

Squiggle 1

I’m going to have special transparent vellum paper for the original squiggle and then as you turn the page it reveals the new artwork on the next page. It makes for a very fun experience of a book.

Squiggle 2

4cr: With the way the campaign has been going, are you considering any potential stretch goals for when you go over your main goal of $18,500?

Definitely! We have put together some very cool stretch goals: a special slip case cover, a unique print, and one of the coolest stretch goals is our “Guest Celebrity Squiggles.” We have some very cool people contributing squiggles to the project that I will then create Brand New Squiggle Art Pieces. These will be added into the book if we meet our stretch goal. I can’t wait to share this extra artwork!

Squiggle Stretch Goals

4cr You’ve set some add-ons for the campaign so that backers can add to their main pledge and get some cool extras. One of the items that caught my eye is a Squiggle Sketch Card for an extra $15. What exactly is a Squiggle Sketch Card?

The cool thing about Sketch Cards is that they are nice little Original Pieces of Artwork. They are literally the size of Trading Cards and are usually nice, high-quality cardstock… I create unique original artwork on each one. This is a way to get something very special with the Kickstarter project.

4cr: Is the project open to backers all over the world?

Absolutely! I’ve been very thankful for all of my international fans of my projects, I want everyone around the world to have the chance to get this fun book, so yes, it is available in and out of the US.

Squiggle Example

4cr: Thank you for your time. Do you want to say anything else before we end the interview?

Thank you so much for letting me babble about my Kickstarter Squiggle Project. I hope everyone gets a chance to check it out and it inspires them to be creative. Thank you to everyone for their support.

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