Kickin’ it with Jasco Games – Mega Man Board Game

by Antonio Garcia

UPDATE: You can now support the Mega Man Board Game with Paypal! All funds pledged on Paypal will also count towards stretch goals, and more and more figurines are being unlocked for free for Deluxe Bundle backers every single day!


Welcome and Happy New Year! We decided to kick things of during 2014 with a feature on a project that speaks to two sets of people: Mega Man fans and Board Game aficionados. Read on to learn more!

4cr: Hello, and welcome to Kickin’ it with. Care to give us an intro to Jasco Games?

Jasco Games was started when I (Jason Hawronsky) was 13 years old in Flower Mound, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. We started out as a hobby retailer, first out of my house, and eventually, during my sophomore year of high school moved locations to a 3,000-square-foot brick and mortar shop. We sold all of your typical hobby shop products: table top war games, Anime, collectible card games, board games, and had a full state-of-the-art LAN center with 10 computers, and 52 of the newest video games as well as 4 XBoxes, 2 Game Cubes and some arcade machines (all the newest systems at the time). After living in Germany for a short time in 2005-2006 I re-opened the shop in Lubbock, Texas, while I went to college at Texas Tech University. Right before graduating I decided to purchase the Universal Fighting System trading card game from Fantasy Flight Games and began our life in the publishing industry. Since January 2010 we have been publishing, distributing and holding events for our games and have been loving every minute of it.

4cr: Jasco Games ventured to Kickstarter to seek funds for manufacturing a Mega Man Board Game, and the project exploded on Day 1, reaching twice its initial funding goal. What is this Board Game about?

We are huge fans of video games. The designers of Mega Man The Board Game are also some of the biggest Mega Man and CapCom fans around. The game was designed (before we ever had contact with CapCom) to create a multi-player Mega Man game that felt like Mega Man but added elements that were never in the classic platformer. This game is literally a “dream come true”. I say that because 2 years ago at a Best Western in New York, I woke up in the middle of the night, wrote down all the game rules on hotel paper pads, and went back to sleep. It just popped into my head and we loved it so much we had to approach CapCom to make it a reality

4cr: There are several tiers available for backers to choose from, but there are two main components to select: the Regular game and the Deluxe version. What are the differences between each one?

The board game is focused on the classic Mega Man 1 basic components. It will be everything you need to play and is extremely fun.

Mega Man Regular Bundle

The Deluxe bundle pushes the experience to a new level, as it adds Time Man and Oil man, as well as several new characters, cards and components. It also expands the base game to allow up to 8 players instead of 6. Miniatures in the Deluxe bundle are a huge plus as well. If you are a miniatures or Mega Man collector, we expect the final version of the Deluxe Bundle (after all pledging is done) to be a collector’s dream.

Mega Man Deluxe Bundle

4cr: The campaign has focused only on North America (Canada, US, Mexico) because of the licensing deal with CAPCOM, and the project is already XXX% funded. Are you looking into extending the licensing deal to target other International regions?

We have been talking very closely with CapCom and have already acquired European, Australian, New Zealand and Middle Eastern licensing rights. We are working on Asia and South America now and hope the whole world will be able to get this game in their hands soon.

Colored Mega Man

4cr: There is a very interesting Stretch Goal at $500,000 that will have every Boxed game include fully colored pieces instead of the monochromatic pieces currently considered for the game. What are you doing to continue to keep the campaign moving higher and higher during the final two weeks?

The final two weeks are vital to Kickstarter campaigns (especially the final 5 days). We are adding new pledge levels, constant marketing and we hope that what we have to offer through unlocked miniatures, cards and extras will encourage our backers to just keep pushing us forward. The addition of the new International territories should help, too.

4cr: With the way fans have responded to the Mega Man Board Game, are you considering any potential expansions that take the game past the Mega Man 1 content?

Yes, we have already planned on moving into Mega Man II and hopefully we will keep moving forward with as many expansions as Mega Man games. We love so many of the characters from the franchise and new characters, stages and powers are what Mega Man games are all about.

Mega Man Reward Matrix

4cr: Our time is up. Do you want to add anything else?

Tell your friends about this game. Mega Man and game design are two of our biggest passions and with the help of the public, our backers and fans everywhere we will bring an amazing game to your table top and show you by example why we do what we do.

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