Kickin’ it with Trickster Face – Long Night

by Antonio Garcia

Survival horror is a genre that has seen many changes during the last decade, and true survival horror releases are not as frequent as they used to. Trickster Face is trying to bring Long Night to life to change that, and we got in touch with them to talk about this new project.

4cr: Welcome. Can you give us an introduction to Trickster Face?

In the beginning there were two brothers living in Normandy, united by their passion for video games since childhood, a passion that led them to university studies in this field, and to work in Montreal for various studios. Then they decided to realize their dream: build a company and a trusty/strong team. My brother and I chose to work with an old friend coming from our native town. This friend became an associate and the programmer/technical director of the team. We are bound by a unique vision: To tell stories through various mechanics of gameplay and making gamers feel different kinds of emotions. At first we wanted to focus on Survival Horror to work on the fear inside everyone of us.

4cr: Long Night is a new survival horror game that has a campaign on Kickstarter. What separates this game from other survival horror releases?

When we look at the market, we obviously notice that a lot of survival horror games are in development or already released. We can see the popularity of first person horror games like Amnesia, Outlast or pretty soon Among the sleep, and some really interesting new perspectives like in Darkwood and Lone Survivor.

With Long Night we tried something different but also familiar. We used old school features similar to the first Silent hill (fixed camera, third person view) to create a special atmosphere for every screen of the game. We also design the gameplay and the scenario together so every interaction in Long Night will mean something. Just like in real life, you’ll have to use your brains and survival instincts rather than shotguns. Indeed, the things chasing David and his friends come directly from their unconscious and to defeat them, you will have to understand the way the teenagers’ minds work through riddles. The exploration part will bring you a better understanding of this dark tale, so if you like to interact with every object, you will know better. Of course, above everything, it is the mental state of David you will have to deal with. Sometimes your discoveries will be really scary, sometimes they will be reassuring but there will always be consequences.

As the “son” of the survival horror games of the 90’s and early 2000’s, Long Night is trying to make it better with a very deep interconnection between gameplay and scenario.

Long Night - 1

4cr: Can our readers try the game before they decide to make a pledge?

Yes of course! We released a demo in the same time as the Kickstarter campaign so the gamers can try the game by themselves and decide if they like the way it is. This demo is available on our official website.

Long Night - Extra Content

4cr: How many people are currently working on Long Night?

Currently at Trickster Face, we are five people in the studio and we use some outsourcing for the sound design.

Long Night- Concept

4cr: Once funded, you’re releasing the game on PC, Mac, Linix, PSN and XBLA. Is a Wii U eshop release something you’ve also considered?

Yes, the Wii U release is something we’ve discussed a lot since the beginning. We haven’t fully investigated the eshop mechanics enough, but it’s definitely something we want to make a reality!

Long Night - White Lady

4cr: Thanks for doing this interview. Do you want to say something else?

Thanks to you for giving us the opportunity to talk about our first born: Long Night. As a conclusion, I would say that Long Night tells a story about something we can all understand. David is not some kind of hero/soldier/detective. He’s just a kid with an apparently normal life, with friends and family, enjoying his summertime. The questions in his mind about sexuality, friendship and of course himself are very simple. And the fears he’s facing are also easy to understand.
Our ambition is to make a game very close to the player, because that’s what fear is about, intimacy…
This isn’t a game about psychosis and unbelievable stories. It’s a game about you, me and the truth inside us.


We wish Trickster Face the best of luck with their interesting project, and hope that you feel compelled to help by pledging to their Kickstarter campaign.

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