4cr Plays – Rush HD

by Antonio Garcia

Two Tribes has been on a roll lately in the Wii U Eshop and they’re back with a HD port of Rush, a unique puzzle game that will really test your skills. Unlike other Wii U games (and games from Two Tribes in general), RUSH is played only on the Wii U GamePad, which makes the TV the second screen in case other people want to watch you play.

The gameplay is simple to understand: you must take all cubes from point A to point B. Things get a bit more complicated when you realize that cubes come in different colors and that they react to different elements placed on the floor for each level. Things start out simply enough so that you can get the hang of things, but once you graduate to the medium difficulty level, you’ll start to feel that difficulty kick in.


Warps, Conveyor Belts, Splits and Stop Signs are just some of the items that can be placed on the playing field, and they will allow you to use the age old “trial and error” method of puzzle solving for hours and hours. If you’re feeling stumped you can use the included hint system to make things a little bit easier on your end.


As mentioned before, the game is played on the Wii U Gamepad, which opens the door for controlling the action with the stylus. Controls are responsive and allow you to plan your strategy or correct is as you go, and it never felt as if the touch screen was getting in the way of my puzzle solving.


Rush on Wii U is a solid effort from Two Tribes. The minimalistic and stylized graphics, solid frame rate, and tons of puzzles at your disposal will keep you busy for several hours, and the current asking price is only $1.99 (for a limited time) makes the decision to buy a no-brainer. This is the last of Two Tribes “HD Classics” releases on Wii U, and I can’t wait to see what they’re working on next.


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