4cr Plays Oozi

by Antonio Garcia

Awesome Games Studio has released Oozi: Earth Adventure on Steam. It’s a purely entertaining platformer in tune with the old-school sensibilities of ages past, with quirky and colorful hand-drawn HD graphics that make everything pop.

Those that have experience with platformers will feel right at home, and the game presents an option to lower or increase the difficulty to tailor your experience to your play style. But what is Oozi: Earth Adventure? Oozi, the titular character, is an alien with a freakishly huge smile who has crashed on Earth. He has lost his space suit in the process, and has no way of getting back to his home.


At first you only have a double jump at your disposal, so you must land on top of enemies to defeat them in the most time honored tradition of platforming games. As you progress, you unlock challenge levels that live up to their name by placing a difficult task before you that most of the time needs to be completed within a strict time limit, or while securing every collectible in said special stage.


Each stage has a special set of five collectible stars which unlock even more content, and you will be required to scour every corner of each level, no matter how high or low it is, in order to find them all. This adds a nice set of extra objectives to challenge players since some of them are in pretty out there places that require some tight platforming skills.


And lets not forget the bosses. They’re big, they’re mean, and they look great.


As is to be expected from an old-school platformer, each boss has a distinctive pattern that you must learn to be able to defeat them emerge from battle victorious.


Oozi: Earth Adventure is a colorful old-school style platformer that can be enjoyed by casual and hardcore gamers alike. It has just enough content to avoid overstaying its welcome by balancing collectibles, enemy placement, and platforming sections. It was a fun ride, and chances are, that you will enjoy it as well.


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