Things X 5 – December 16, 2013

by Francois Joron


Galaxy Force wasn’t supposed to run on your 3DS

Last week, 3D Space Harrier made the header but, more importantly, stole my time from both Super Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds. Now, Sega and M2 will likely repeat the amazing feat with their new addition in the 3D Sega Classics line: 3D Galaxy Force.


What’s more amazing though is the impossible amount of work and care that went into this 3D port as detailed in this interview with M2′s Naoki Horri and Sega producer Yousuke Okunari posted on Siliconera. The original Galaxy Force apparently could barely run on the modest 3DS. According to M2 president Naoki Horri: Yes, GF2 had a much more powerful board (compared to Space Harrier’s). It really was twice the game, and the board had 68000’s lined right up on it like bam, bam, bam, along with the ROM itself. You look at it and all you can do is cross your arms and frown. (laughs). It’s a fascinating read, detailing the process and obstacles behind what can only be seen now as some of the greatest ports ever made.


We’ll be biking and riding, again, in 2014

Even though I initially thought the original Bike Rider DX was a piece of meaningless shovelware, the little game rapidly proved me wrong and now comes as an highly recommended download for your handheld; it even got its own x5 header. I can only be happy a sequel, Bike Rider DX: Galaxy, will be released in the west in 2014 (it was just released a few days ago in Japan); you can check the trailer below.

According the the press release: The little Bike Rider travels to space in twelve challenging stages of the GALAXY TOUR, based on the twelve zodiac signs, full of unexpected traps, plenty of new gimmicks (twice as much as in “Bike Rider DX”) and three new power-up items. Also, the sequel will be supporting downloadable content as well as online ranking. Sounds like the ultimate Bike Rider experience to me!


Rad looking customized N64

Coming up from France, lëkki offers retro and vintage electronics, or “back to basics” devices as they like to call them, with a fresh, colorful look. Just take a look at this rad N64.


They’re also offering Game Boy, Super NES as well as classic Motorola and Nokia cellphones, all with a distinct color palette that will make you look like the freshest dude on the streets.


YouTube copyright crisis for dummies 

Polygon made a simple, accessible article laying down the basics behind the recent YouTube video game copyright swept. Check it out.

Following these unfortunate events, the Classic Game Room show has left YouTube to pursue their project on their own platform, free of corporate shenanigans. CGR, for short, was one of my favorite video game show on YouTube with its host Mark Bussler reviewing absolutely everything from classic games to next-gen stuff as well as pinball tables, crappy LCD handhelds and long forgotten licensed games. People from all over are sending him stuff to be reviewed, which is absolutely fantastic.


I’ve found Santa!

While trying out Rush, the lastest Wii U eShop classic game released by Two Tribes, I’ve found a familiar character flying in space, behind the game menu.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 12.41.10 PM

I cannot speak much about the game as I haven’t played much stages past the tutorial (go get it though, it’s only 2$) but at least I’ve found Santa or at least some known yellow chicken impersonating the jolly guy.

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