Kickin’ it with Extend Studio – So Many Me

by Antonio Garcia

December is in full swing, and even though a lot of people are preparing for a much needed vacation, Kickstarter projects are still going strong. We got in touch with David Klein at Extend Studio to discuss So Many Me, a game that will be released on Wii U if they reach their main funding goal.

4cr: Hi David! What can you tell us about Extend Studio?

Extend Studio is an independent team behind award-winning games like A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda and Jigsaw Mansion. Our across-cultural team was initially founded by a group of close university friends in Thailand in 2008. Later, the team expanded to included additional talents- including myself. Together, we share the same dream and strive to create high quality, fun to play, titles.

4cr: Extend Studio launched a Kickstarter campaign for So Many Me, an interesting mix of puzzles and platforming. Care to describe the game for us?

In this charming puzzle-platfomer, you play as Filo, an adorable little green blob who has a quest to save the world by transforming himself and his many “ME”, clones of himself that follow him as one entity, to solve many puzzle-platforming challenges, including Giant boss monsters, Weird armies and Ancient Evil

So Many Me 1

4cr: Once the project reaches its funding goal, it will be made available on PC, Mac and Linux. Have you given any thought to porting the game to consoles as well?

Yes. We are developing the game in Unity and definitely want to port the game to consoles as well. If we reach our main goal, we’re bringing So Many Me to Wii U!

Other than that, right now we have PS4 and PS Vita in our plan. You can see them all in our Kickstarter Stretch Goal list. Xbox One is also a possibility, as we just received our confirmation for the ID@Xbox program.

So Many Me 3

4cr: Some of the stretch goals are for additional content for So Many Me. Would reaching these goals delay the release for the game, or will funds be allocated specifically to bump up the development schedule?

No. Most of these goals will not cause any delay since we plan to make some of them as either DLC or included in a future patch. Believe us when we say, these additions will make the game an even better experience and there is nothing bad about it.

4cr: How much work remains to get to a completed build for So Many Me?

There is about 20% left to be done. We are doing the final chapter of the game and re-working some bosses at the moment. After that, we will do a full review and polish everything that we have been making for the past 3 years to assure that the fun and creativity are 100%.

So Many Me Progress

4cr: Since the game is already far along, can people try a demo for So Many Me?

Sure! We couldn’t be happier to have people play our game. Please go to our KS page and check the link to play the demo. Just make sure to send us feedback, since we want our backers to help us polish things further. :)

So Many Me 4

4cr: Thanks you for doing this interview. Want to add anything else?

Although So Many Me feels quite different from our first title, A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda, we’ve poured a ton of love and effort into the game. We are confident that it shows and that people will enjoy it once they give So Many Me a try. We hope people will continue to spread the word and visit our Kickstarter campaign.

And thanks to you Antonio- from the entire team at Extend Studio :)

We hope that Extend Studio can secure the funds to finish So Many Me, and we definitely look forward to playing it on Wii U!