4cr Interview: Image and Form – SteamWorld Dig

by Antonio Garcia

When we heard that SteamWorld Dig (a game we love here at 4cr) was set to be released on STEAM we got in touch with Brjann Sigurgeirsson to discuss what the future has in store for the SteamWorld universe.

4cr: Welcome! Congratulations are in order after the way SteamWorld Dig has been doing at the 3DS eshop. How does it feel to have one of the top games on the service?

Thank you very much! It feels… great, of course! And strange! We have the biggest respect for many other games on the 3DS, so being considered one of the best games ever on the 3DS is obviously as big as it gets


4cr: SteamWorld Dig is also now available on Steam! Are there any changes between this and the original 3DS release?

Yes, there are quite a few additions – many of them Steam-related of course, but also a slew of new, nifty little things and easter eggs. Lots of new animations, and so much greater detail. We didn’t want to make a game that veered away too much from the 3DS version, since they would be feeling left behind and we’d have to concentrate on fixing the 3DS version instead of working on the next game… :)


4cr: You’ve mentioned before that work is underway on a new game in the SteamWorld universe, but that it won’t be like SteamWorld Dig. The first one was a Tower Defense game and SteamWorld Dig was sort of a Metroidvania, so I’m guessing it’s time for the next SteamWorld release to be a kart racing game or a dating sim?

Hahaha! Exactly that – it’ll be a kart-racing/dating game with quite a few dance moves thrown in there! ;D


The next game will be its very own mix of genres, and not a direct sequel to SteamWorld Dig. I’ve played through the vertical slice, and it was VERY exciting. When we started making the PC/Mac/Linux version for Steam, we had to put the new game on hold. I’m very glad I got to play it a bit before it “took a nap”, I feel comfortable it’ll be a worthy next game.


4cr: Have you considered bringing Steamworld Dig to the Wii U eshop, perhaps with some extra content (like what happened with Mutant Mudds Deluxe from Renegade Kid)?

It feels like we’re considering and reassessing our options every week. Jools at Renegade Kid, Rhod at Dakko Dakko and many other indie devs are very brave to stand at the frontline for the Wii U, and we haven’t had time to give it very much thought yet – we’ve been up over our ears with the Steam version and its release. When we announced the Steam version I got a tweet from a Nintendo fan saying “Great! Now you have HD graphics, porting to Wii U can’t take more than an afternoon!” It takes a bit longer than that… :) We’ll see where we go. With an acclaimed game in your back pocket, the future is full of interesting choices.


4cr: Thank you for your time. Would you like to add anything else before we sign off?

I’d like to encourage everyone in the whole world to try new games, to go outside their comfort zone. Good games are good games, and they deserve to be played by a lot of people. Take a look at what indie developers are doing, and risk a few bucks here and there. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and the dev you support can realize even more great ideas.


We want to thank Brjann for doing this interview, and hope that SteamWorld Dig continues to do well over on Steam where it’s currently in the Top 10 for the service!

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