Kickin’ it with The Brotherhood – Stasis

by Antonio Garcia

Point and click games are one our favorite genres here at 4cr, and when we noticed Stasis, we got in touch with Chris Bischoff at The Brotherhood to talk more about this project.

4cr: Hi! Thanks for joining us. What can you tell us about yourself as well as about The Brotherhood?

The Brotherhood is a start up indie studio, although we have been working together for more than a decade in other ventures. It’s made up of myself and my brother (Nic). We’ve run an 3D illustration company together, but have been involved in artistic pursuits for much longer.

4c: We found Stasis, an isometric point and click game on Kickstarter, and though it looked like an interesting project to develop in this day and age. What do our readers need to know about Stasis?

STASIS is a game for adventure gamers who are looking for a special difference in their games. Many of us have enjoyed the classic games when we were younger, but as we got older there was less and less that dealt with the changing issues in our lives.

STASIS is a game that appeals to those who still want to get lost in the world of an adventure game, but are looking for more mature subject matter.

It is also a game for anyone who loves Science Fiction! There are influences of everything from Star Trek to Alien in the game, and even the literary works of Arthur C. Clarke form a base for some of the harder Sci-Fi elements.

Stasis 1

4cr: Is there a way for people to get a taste of the game so that they can see what they’ll be pledging for?

Yes! We have a complete Alpha demo of the game’s first chapter, which gives a taste of what the rest of the game will entail. You can get it at this link, for Windows and OSX.

Stasis 2

4cr: Who will be working on the music for Stasis?

We are privileged to have Mark Morgan on board to compose the score for STASIS. He has great works and titles to his name – Fallout 1 & 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Planescape Torment, the Zork games…even Descent.

His music has been instrumental in molding an entire generation of games and to have him working on STASIS has been a dream come true.

Stasis Music

4cr: Do you have an estimate of how long Stasis will be? How much time will it take someone to play this start to finish?

STASIS is going to be going back to the older days of adventure gaming, when you could sit down and be engrossed in the world for hours. While the game play does vary between players, we are aiming for an 8 to 12 hour gaming experience.

Stasis 4

4cr: Is a console release in the cards? We’d love to see Stasis on WiiU/PS4/XBO.

While we’re looking at getting STASIS out to as many platforms as possible, currently the focus is on PC and Mac because those are the two platforms we’re most familiar with.

Stasis 1 GIF

4rc: Thank you for your time. Care to add anything more?

We have a few days left on our campaign and while we have made some incredible progress, there is still a way to go. Please try out the Alpha version of the game and pledge towards our campaign. On top of that, here is another list of ways fans out there can help spread the word about STASIS.

We want to thank Chris for his time, and wish him and The Brotherhood the best of luck with their campaign for Stasis.

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