Things X 5 – July 1, 2013

by Francois Joron


My initial reaction to the announcement of the Ouya was a positive one. The idea of an open, Android-based console for a fraction of the price (only $99) you would pay for a major console was quite appealing and its crowdfunding origins made it cool. But, 2 or 3 months later, the first hands-on impressions began and the Ouya turned out to be, well, a $99 console with often poorly optimized games, controller lag and UI issues that still remain in the retail versions of the console. Still, I haven’t gave up on the small box, $99 hits a sweet spot and some games are actually interesting, especially this Smash Bros.-type brawler, archery combat game, Towerfall.

Don’t tell me this doesn’t look super fun! You can also watch two guys playing the Ouya at Polygon and actually struggling to pair some controllers.


I enjoy fakes and rumors, and the latest one is something I would actually love to believe in.

This is fake!


Until Animal Crossing New Leaf took the throne, Resident Evil: Revelations is my most played 3DS game and one of the best game on the system. I still haven’t played the HD port but I’m very tempted to because not only the story mode actually plays like a Resident Evil game but the online co-op is terribly addicting.


The UK’s Official Nintendo magazine always has nice features about little known Nintendo facts and secrets. Their latest one is about Wario and reveals some very interesting stuff, like this obscure reference to Japan-only Game Boy game Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (roughly, For the Frog the Bell Tolls that was made with the Link’s Awakening engine) in Wario Land 4: [...] this game also has connections with the Wario Land series. Dr. Arewo Stein, who appears in many bonus rooms in Wario Land 4, made his debut as a supporting character in For the Frog the Bell Tolls. 


So how’s Game & Wario? Despite a lukewarm reception, I’m tempted to pick it up if only for some of its crazy art style and weird mini-games. Any of you played it?


So Animal Crossing: New Leaf is apparently pretty successful in the US with a rumored 80k downloads so far according to some obscure NeoGaf calculations. Fire Emblem: Awakening would have sold around the same numbers within a 4 months timeframe. The current success Animal Crossing is getting (just look at the #acnl hashtag on Twitter that is being updated every 15 seconds) is quite astonishing for a niche game on a console that was deemed inadequate in the a market of smartphones and free-to-play games. Extrapolating on the subject is this very interesting article on Game IndustryAnimal Crossing, lest we forget, isn’t even considered a top-rank Nintendo game. It will probably outsell most other games this year – Nintendo has, almost uniquely among publishers, mastered the knack of keeping its games selling consistently for months or even years […] Here we stand, though; a niche game launched on a handheld platform which every last ounce of conventional thinking declared dead on arrival a mere two years ago, yet I haven’t seen such a consistent outpouring of social sharing of a game experience in a very long time. 

Mr Mayor


Let’s end this week’s feature with this amazing Ouya game: The Amazing Frog? (why, oh why, is there a question mark at the end?), I’ll let you judge the quality of the title for yourself. Let’s just say this video below is a bit surreal.

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