4cr Plays – Mighty Switch Force 2

by Antonio Garcia

Mighty Switch Force 2 marks the first time that WayForward has gone back to one of their many digital games to produce a direct sequel. This time around officer Patricia Wagon is tasked with joining the Fire Brigade to keep Tangent City from burning to ashes. You must jump and switch things around while hosing down fire and enemies while trying to save the now reformed Hooligan Sisters You can also save a lost USB in each level. What does USB mean? Why, it is the Ugly Secret Baby!

Since Patricia traded in her pistol for a water gun, dealing with enemies is an entirely different adventure than in the first game. The water gun can be used either to put out flames or to push bigger enemies around, allowing you to drop them to their death or move them in front of a switch block to send them flying towards the screen.


As was the case with Mighty Switch Force, your main goal is securing all 5 Hooligan Sisters so that you can evacuate each area. On top of that, you can rescue the optional USB and complete the extra objective of finishing the level below the Par Time. Grabbing all Sisters and the USB while also exiting below par is something that I couldn’t manage to do, but it might be possible if you memorize the level layout and find the exact route needed to complete it in one go. Instead of that, I ended up playing each level 2-3 times: first I played it to know what I was up against and to perhaps secure the USB. The second time I was either to going for Par or trying to find the USB in case I couldn’t secure him on my first run. The third run was not needed for most levels, and it involved either going below PAR or finding the USB depending on which goal I hadn’t achieved yet.


The game is probably running on the same engine as Mighty Switch Force, but I could instantly tell that WayForward had learned how to maximize the 3D effects available on the Nintendo 3DS. There are several layers to each level and, thanks to the various fire hazards, there are several graphic effects that really help the 3D pop.


It took me about 4-6 hours to complete everything the game has to offer which is similar to the amount of time I spent with Mighty Switch Force. At some points the game does feel a bit like the first one, but this wasn’t a deal breaker for me since I really enjoyed the puzzle-platforming in Mighty Switch Force This new take on the same universe features enough twists to warrant another adventure despite the similarities. New mud and wood blocks in your path can be destroyed by your water gun or by using fire enemies to remove them. There are also special pipes that re-route the water coming out of your water gun, opening up new puzzle mechanics to master.


Mighty Switch Force 2 is a very fun game that also happens to be a rare sequel from WayForward (the other one being Shantae). The game is easy to control but hard to master, especially when trying to complete each level below the Par Time. Those that have already played Mighty Switch Force will get started right away, but players new to the series will need to learn as they go since the difficulty curve is pretty steep.