4cr Plays – Abyss

by Antonio Garcia

In the future of Abyss natural resources are scarce and the human race is in grave danger of becoming extinct. Scientists have managed to create a robot called Nep2no that can dive to great depths of the remaining ocean in hopes that it will be able to scavenge enough energy resources for humanity to survive.

Abyss - 2

Pressing and holding the A button will propel Nep2no in the direction its glowing head is pointing, and you must carefully navigate through each level without hitting any walls or hazards because a single hit means game over for you. You can turn by using the L and R buttons or by pressing left and right on the D-Pad. While playing I found that L and R are more sensitive and make you turn faster, so keep that in mind.

At first, Nep2no only has a small light source that surrounds him but by collecting glowing spheres of energy known as Gaia on each level the light source grows, allowing you to see more of the level. Your goal is to reach the end of the level after grabbing every single Gaia which requires that you slowly investigate every single corner of the level before searching for the exit. If you get to the end without all the Gaia, you will have to replay the level again but at least you’ll know that the one path you didn’t search probably has the missing energy source. You can easily tell if you’re missing one Gaia because there will be a voice letting you know there is “just one left” or that you have found them all and should “now find the exit”.

Abyss - 1

Abyss is a short but fun game that offers you 12 levels for only $2. It is a great game to play either in short bursts or in one sitting and will take you 1 or 2 hours to complete. I felt like this was a great value for such a low price. The easy to learn controls and rules combined with the relaxing music make this a very unique experience you have to try.

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