4cr Plays – 99Moves

by Antonio Garcia

99Moves is the sequel to 99Bullets and 99Seconds which were a pair of release from Enjoy Up Games that are currently available on DSiWare for only $2 each. Each of these games brings hectic and interesting gameplay options to spice up your DSiWare collection. The real question is if 99Moves carries the torch into new territory?


In 99Bullets you could only fire 99 times before you died. In 99Seconds the clock was always ticking and you had to be fast to grab time extensions to make it to the end of each level. 99Moves, as you might be able to guess from the name, only allows you to move 99 times; either up, down, left, or right. Once you’re out of moves you slowly drift towards your death.


99Moves is a budget game priced at only $2 and features 12 levels that are split between two types:

a) One type of level has you making your way from point A to point B while avoiding walls and moving hazards that can destroy you. Hitting either a wall or hazard takes away one of your two hit points and makes everything on screen turn the same color. This makes it harder to know what are walls and what are hazards that can move to block your path and kill you. In order to regain that extra hit you must grab a green power-up in the shape of your character to recover and restore color to the world.

b) The second type of level is governed by the same general rules, but these are self-contained levels in which you dodge moving hazards that are either already in the room or come flying in and out of action while trying to pin you to a corner.


All in all, it may take you 1-2 hours to finish every single level depending on how good you are. The levels vary in complexity because you need to find the best route to the end on some levels while learning the exact patterns of all hazards in others. Some levels add something new to the mix by introducing a colored strip of terrain that increases or decreases your speed, meaning you have to learn to adjust to moving around at the faster speed before it is too late.


99Moves is a fun and short game that takes the “99″ series forward by changing things and introducing a new set of rules while maintaining a low price and the right amount of content as to not overstay its welcome. If you enjoy your time with 99Moves be sure to try the other two games in the series as well.