Things X 5 – February 18, 2013

by Francois Joron


The Gameological Society contributor Joe Kieser has been asked to check out the available video game selection during his stay in Nairobi, the largest city and capital of Kenya. He came out with an hilarious selection of hacked PS2 games featuring dubious hacks and artwork displaying “creative” graphic arts, to say the least, that are violating most of the intellectual properties law in one single image. My favorite? Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Kirk Douglas:  “It is San Andreas, with the load screens replaced by EXTREME closeups of Kirk Douglas—and occasionally his son Michael Douglas, because hey, close enough, right? In the game, the main character appears to be a rough approximation of Kirk Douglas. Oh, and all the missions have been removed, so there’s nothing to do.” You cannot make these things up.

Syrian Games

Turns out most of these pirated games have been made by a company named Syrian Games. Gameologicial have a selection of their best artwork and if you don’t believe what you see, you can take a look at Syrian Games official homepage.


Some of the staff at 4CR recently discussed about their Tetris high scores, most of them might possibly beat all my best Tetris games strung together. But I never been the most competitive gamer, which is why I am always amazed by those professional games competition and the dedication displayed by the contestants toward one single game. Chris Higgins has recently been a referee for the 2012 Classic Tetris World Championship and has written a very interesting article titled Playing to Lose, revealing the life behind some of the competitors. It’s a great read.

Tetris competition

There is also a documentary about some of the best Tetris players titled Ecstasy of Order, which I haven’t seen yet but it is apparently pretty good.


Emily Rogers recently tweeted this trailer for The Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon, a 1963 Japanese animated feature that influenced the Wind Waker art style. It’s apparently old news, but I knew nothing about the existence of this movie until recently.

After watching the trailer, it is obvious Nintendo took inspiration from the movie, especially for the characters design. I haven’t find any domestic release for this movie in North America; which is unfortunate because I know have an absolute need to watch this movie.


While archiving my old files on my laptop computer, I came across this image:

"You Win!"

I have no idea if this was a real ad published by Nintendo, a concept ad or simply a student work. But, one way or another, it is pretty clever.


Fan arts can get weird, like this realistic take on Cubivore’s final boss “The Killer Cubivore” by this DeviantArt member. Still less troubling than the illustrations in the game’s manual though.

The Killer Cubivore

That’s all for this week! Hope you enjoyed reading my selection of random videogame fun.

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