4cr Plays – Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker

by Antonio Garcia

Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker mixes Space Invaders and Breakout to bring a new type of game. Cocoto is tasked with protecting all planets from an alien invasion. He does this by eliminating all of the aliens to obtain special crystals that generate a force-field around the planet. This force field keeps the aliens and their weapons from damaging the planet. There are a total of 5 planets to protect in Cocoto’s universe, and the only way to do that is by giving the aliens a taste of their own medicine; by reflecting their shots back at them!

Red shots are bad for the planet since they can slowly destroy the surface and will eventually open up a hole to its core, at which point one more shot will make the whole planet explode. That doesn’t sound like it could really happen, but this is a game with a red devil fighting aliens to protect a planet in another universe, so you really can’t fault the game for doing what it does.

Cocoto 1

There are three modes in total but only one is available right from the start:

Story mode is the initial mode in the game and is were you’ll spend most of your time. When you start on a new planet you get to see a short movie describing the planet when Cocoto arrives to save the day. In this mode you are given 3 lives and Cocoto can jump to juggle several shot reflections (i.e. you could jump to return a red shot while moving to the other side of the screen to send back another one). You lose a life if you fall into a hole in the planet or are hit by specific hazards that are introduced later on some of the planets. You also will have to fight the evil alien Emperor at the end of each planet in order to completely repel the alien invasion.

Classic mode is unlocked after completing the first planet in Story mode. In this mode the classic brick breaker rules apply and Cocoto can’t jump. Also, the planet does not take damage and you’re instead penalized with losing a life if you let a shot hit the bottom of the screen.

Arcade mode is the last game mode available and is unlocked after completing the second planet in story mode. It is basically an endless mode with all the same rules as story mode where you rack up a score based on many waves you can destroy before losing all of your lives.

Cocoto 2

To mix things up a bit, there are 13 shields you can find during your adventure, and they each add a new skill to Cocoto’s arsenal. The regular shield bounces back shots, but you can get a shield that is bigger and will help you cover more ground, or get a shield that allows you to shoot at the aliens for a short period of time. The best shield is one that makes all your shots go through enemies while also increasing the size of the bounced shot thus making it easier to eliminate a single wave of aliens in a couple of seconds with a few well placed shots. All extra shields are timed and you do have to make the most of their abilities while available.

There are also several enemy types in the game. These range from regular aliens that take one shot before they explode, to aliens which produce additional regular enemies, and everything in between. Some of the variations in enemies include UFOs that try to capture Cocoto, aliens that generate invincibility shields, aliens that split in two when shot, and many more.

It took me 5 hours to complete all of Story Mode including some of the challenges on each level, and I also managed to complete all of the bonus levels and play some of the Arcade and Classic modes.

Cocoto 3

Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker is a fun game that only costs $4.99. It was previously only available in Europe as a retail package that includes a vinyl figurine of Cocoto, and it is now available in the 3DS US eshop for a fraction of the cost.