4cr Plays – Gunman Clive

by Antonio Garcia

When your significant other has been kidnapped, there’s only one course of action: run, aim and shoot!

Things are off to a great start as soon as you boot up Gunman Clive and you see Clive holding his gun, ready for action. You can pick between Clive and Ms. Johnson and the whichever character you don’t pick plays the damsel in distress for you to rescue. You can also select easy, normal or hard difficulty levels depending on how good you are at this type of game.

As some of you may already know, this release is a port of an iOS game. This raises the question of how the game translates from touchscreen controls with a virtual controller to an actual D-Pad and buttons. In my opinion Gunman Clive is even better on 3DS than it was on iOS because the tactile feedback from the D-Pad and the buttons will help remind you of how some of the most fun gaming experiences came from 2D games of ages past. The art style, which does look great on iOS, looks even better on the Nintendo 3DS thanks to the enhancement brought by the 3D effect.

Gunman Clive 1

As the game progresses, you pick up different weapons on each level, and are able to use them until you’re hit by an enemy or by enemy fire. Some examples are the classic 3-way shot or a homing mini-missile that makes it easier to hit enemies but doesn’t fire as fast as the rest of the weapons. If you want a bigger challenge, you can complete the game without picking up a single weapon. If you do take damage you can recover your health in the only way that makes sense: with cake. Cake is good for you, and it allows you to recover your health bar. Just as in life, a slice of cake is good, but a full cake is even better!

Gunman Clive 3

You come face to face with a variety of bosses at the end of each chapter in Gunman Clive. These are very large enemies that pack a significant punch. Thanks to abundant old-school influences, bosses in Gunman Clive have strict attack patterns you can memorize in order to survive each encounter. Learning when to jump, run, shoot and hide are all part of the equation, and ignoring the telltale signs of a telegraphed attack will result in your premature death.

Gunman Clive 2

Once you complete the game, you unlock a third character that makes you play the game in a completely different way. This extra character reminded me of the same feel as playing with extra characters in the Castlevania 2D games post Symphony of the Night. In many ways Gunman Clive does feel a bit like the NES Castlevania and Mega Man games, and that is definitely a plus.

Gunman Clive 4

At only $2, Gunman Clive is a great game in the 3DS eShop and there is no excuse for not buying it right away. The great art style, the fun game play, and the 3D presentation make this game shine on Nintendo’s portable.