Things X 5 – January 28, 2013

by Francois Joron

Most of you know by now that Nintendo revealed a load of new games for the Wii U. Most of them were totally unexpected titles that felt more like fabricated fanboy dreams than reality – but it was real!

More interesting than the excitement over these new titles was to watch Nintendo’s new collaborative approach with its upcoming titles, with Iwata clearly stating they couldn’t do it on their own anymore. It also gives a great push for Japanese studios that have been struggling in the past few years with the always more expensive, and risky, HD productions. With Sony’s uncertainty of its plans for the future, the Wii U could end up being the premium platform for Japanese content. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s just say that last week’s Nintendo Direct was a great sale pitch (or a reliable Kickstarter pitch like some called it), but one that felt much less desperate than the precipitated 3DS price cut. The constant use of “you”, the humble approach and the sometimes apologizing, but not defeatist, tone hopefully marks a new pro-active relationship between Nintendo and its consumers. And it works, cause Iwata is my new wanted challenger for the next Smash Bros. (laugh).

Even better than last week’s Nintendo Direct is Gay Gamer‘s Bryan Ochallan who found another proof that Shigesato Itoi (of Mother series) is an awesome guy: him and his colleagues at Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun (Almost Daily Itoi News – remember, he’s first and foremost a writer) have a tradition of celebrating new Animal Crossings games “by turning office-wide gameplay into an actual work project.” Turns out that most employees at Itoi’s company “Hobo Nichi” have a blog about their Animal Crossing experiences at You can catch Itoi’s own diary here. Even better you could also buy his totally classy personal planner. This guy is the best. Now if only Animal Crossing New Leaf could finally be released over here…

ZombiU is one peculiar game, not only polarizing critics but also players. I, for myself, enjoyed the game very much, despite its many flaws including a thoroughly uninteresting story. But against all odds ZombiU managed to be one of the best titles of 2012. Serving as a sort of post-mortem on the game’s development, Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek published a very interesting email exchange with ZombiU’s producer Guillaume Brunier, aptly named The Game That Should Have Been Terrible. The article also reveals some potentially interesting plans for the game’s future (with over 300,000 undead players roaming on the game’s servers, they must do something about it!) as well as footage of the ZombiU‘s alleged point-and-click prequel (it is not) Zombi, which you can watch below. The title screen music is actually pretty cool.

I’m always amazed by the dedication of some fans over their favorite games or hobby, but some people will go as far as creating a real-life version of Pac-Man that was playable on the streets of Manhattan or photographing portraits of people playing video games (see image below). Lifestyle magazine Complex have compiled this and 8 other examples of some of the best, and amazing, videogame “fan-art” projects.

Speaking of dedication, I recently streepassed someone with a lot of Theatrhythm time on his hands:

Over 100 hours of gameplay!

That is all for this Things X 5. Hope you enjoyed reading my selection of random videogame fun. Don’t forget, you can drop me hints on my Twitter account. Also, you are welcome to send me a friend request on my Wii U, my Nintendo Network ID is Jorf-Jorf. Have a great week!

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