Things X 5 – December 10, 2012

by Francois Joron

N-Sider is running a fun and informative feature about the secrets of the Wii U system. Did you know that the software’s digital manual features interactive shortlinks or that you can simply press the “plus” and “minus” buttons to change the volume of your TV when your Gamepad is in the TV remote mode? Find more secrets here.

Various sites have posted this video (see below) of a cancelled Streets of Rage game by Ruffian Games. I would probably rank Streets of Rage 2 as one of my favorite classic video games and this new 3D iteration certainly looks like a nice update on the 2D brawling formula that I would want to play. I also like how the titles seems to be seamlessly integrated into the game space. As we count this one out, maybe we can hope for this Riki Densetsu/River City Ransom 3DS eShop spin-off to be localized.

Here’s an extremely interesting article by Leigh Alexander depicting her recent visit to Time Square’s three-story tall Toys R’Us store in New York. Toys are now all about gamification and transmedia with CityVille Monopoly boards, blind packages, Skylanders, collectible vibrating nano things and even Halo 4 or Gears of War playsets (really? for kids!?). Games are now leaking into toys, toys into games, movies into apps or as Leigh Alexander says Everything has an online component, a website, credits. Every toy is interactive, now. Every single intellectual property needs to exist across multiple media. I remember when the highlight of interactivity for me when I was a kid was using a red decoder to read hidden robot statistics on my Transformers packaging and then watching a 30-minutes commercial!

Here’s an extremely bogus and fake rumor about a new 3DS hardware apparently codenamed 3DS+ featuring a new Autosteroptic 3D screen with 24 viewing angles so up to three people can view the 3D images at the same time, a vibrating stylus with a LED marker; the system can even “slides out to form a tethered second controller on a retractable wire. Has Two circle Pads, D-Pad, A, B, X, Y buttons, Start Button and a Mono Speaker. With the new viewing angle, this allows supported Nintendo 3DS games to have two players operate on one screen for Co-Op and VS gameplay.” Yeah… right.

Random fact: As 4CR colleague Carl Johnson pointed out after this week’s Japanese Nintendo Direct: it seems TVii is pronounced “Teevee.” which is apparently weird, because in Japan, TV is called “Terebi.”

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