Things X 5 – November 26, 2012

by Francois Joron

Apparently, according to one of ZombiU’s developer, as of November 21st, only 15 people finished the game and I’m not one of them. The game is that hard.

Speaking of zombies walkers, Telltale released their last episode to its excellent The Walking Dead series and it was a very satisfying and deeply emotional conclusion to one of the best videogames this year. It was actually the first episodic game from the studio where I felt the same urge as you can get from a TV series’s epic finale. Also, I vote for Clementine as the best new character of 2012 if such a category exist. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more about Little Inferno, a strange little Wii U download by Tomorrow Corporation. A joint creation between developers of World of Goo and the neat DS game Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. For a game with such a simple task – throwing stuff in a fireplace and burning them, that’s pretty much the level of interaction you get; Little Inferno is weirdly captivating. From its creepy atmosphere, mocking self-awareness, clever writing and subversive nature, the game’s underlying narrative hooked me even though the actual “story elements” were almost inexistent or sparse at best. Little Inferno is a game that tells you a lot with almost nothing while you burn everything. If you have any questions about how to plug-in and manage an external drive with your Wii U, you can count on Nintendo Life. They went through the whole process, detailing every important step; check it out. Turns out it’s much more simple than cleaning up the fridge. Although, by reading the comments, I don’t understand why someone would need a 2TB drive connected to their Wii U. That’s like more than 80 average-sized retail games! Just a nice animated gif of Donkey Kong on the Game Boy. Simply because it looks nice and it’s Donkey Kong on the Game Boy. If you have a Wii U, don’t forget to send me your friend request. My Nintendo ID is Jorf-Jorf.

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