4cr Plays – Toki Tori GBC (3DS VC)

by Antonio Garcia

The original Toki Tori is now ready for you at the 3DS eshop. Care to take a look?

As you’ve seen from the trailer above, Toki Tori is the story of a small yellow bird that is tasked with rescuing all of his brothers and sisters after they are cruelly kidnapped and subsequently scattered all over the place. You might first think that this adventure is a straight up platformer, but you will quickly realize that the game is all about puzzles, and puzzles are what makes this world go round.

You will have several items at hand to help you rescue all of the eggs in each level, some of which include the Telewarp (warp around Toki Tori, to a set distance away), a Portabridge that can be set over gaps, or even the ability to move around some specific obstacles. Each ability has a limited number of uses (except for some levels were they are introduced) so you must always plan accordingly in order to avoid being stuck or having no way to avoid an enemy.

The first few levels won’t be much of a problem since they are part of the “get used to the game” process so you can know what each item does and how fast Toki Tori moves so you’re not caught of guard by an enemy (and you can double tap the D-pad and hold said direction in order to run)… but as soon as you unlock the Hard levels for each world, you’ll see you’re really not as smart as you thought. The hard levels are not mandatory in order to unlock the next world, so you can mix and match the regular with the hard level if you ever feel stumped.

I had been waiting for the release of Toki Tori GBC for a while since I missed out on the original release, and a full copy of the actual Gameboy Color game is hard to find, and when you do find one the price is too high. I’ve already played the Wiiware remake as soon as it launched (from start to finish including all extra levels), and I did the same for the PSN port of the game (which is only available in the EU PSN store) for a review. So, how does the original game compare to the later remake? Lets find out!

When compared to the Wiiware remake it is very easy to see there are several differences. The changes in graphics and the updated music make the Wiiware version are great, and the Wildcard you can use to skip a level that is giving you trouble allows anyone to enjoy the game without being stuck in a particular level (and you can use the Wildcard on a later level as long as you finish the previous one that had you stumped)… but that doesn’t mean the original Gameboy Color one is a bad game. I love the chiptune music and effects (well, duh!), and the pixel art is top notch. Also, not being able to see most of the level on a single screen definitely changes the way you approach a puzzle and makes it a completely different experience.

Toki Tori is a great and fun puzzle game that pushed the GBC to its limits. Colorful graphics, great music, big sprites and tight gameplay make this a must own for all puzzle fans. It took a while for the game to finally be released on the 3DS Virtual Console, but the wait was worth it.

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